18.5" Multi-touch and OPC UA Connectivity: The TT 1933-S

The multi-touch panel TT 1933-S comes with an 18.5-inch widescreen TFT color display. The user is thereby provided with a broad visualization space for complex applications. This high-performance operating panel is equipped with a dual-core EDGE2 Technology processor, 512 MB of internal program and data memory (DDR3 RAM), as well as 1 GB MicroSD storage. As does all SIGMATEK HMIs that have a processor, this multi-touch panel also comes with OPC UA connectivity. Numerous standard interfaces ensure that the TT 1933-S can be flexibly integrated into the machine topology: 2 front USB ports simplify handling, 2x Ethernet and 1x USB connection are also available on the back.

Intuitive and comfortable
The projective capacitive glass touch screen supports intuitive operability. Machines and systems can be easily operated and monitored with multi-finger gestures such as zooming, rotating and swiping.
The operating panel in IP54 protection is equipped for the VESA100 carrier arm mount, but with an installation depth of only 44 mm, it can even be integrated into very thin control cabinets. Optically, the fanless TT 1933-S also makes an impression with its elegant glass front and black aluminum frame.
The object-oriented engineering tool LASAL provides high comfort and flexibility in programming and visualizing functions.
Dimensions: 471.6 x 344.5 x 44 mm (W x H x D)


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