Hardware-independent Visualization Made Easy


With current web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the new LASAL VISUDesigner engineering tool allows the creation of hardware-independent, user-friendly visualization solutions optimally displayed on various HMI devices. Thanks to an optimized browser, these also run smoothly on less powerful hardware.


Configure Instead of Programming

The graphic interfaces are designed and configured using modern design themes, as well as an extensive library of predefined controls. In the graphic editor, operating elements can be grouped into function units such as temperature zones and reused as desired. 


The logic behind the graphic elements can also be assembled from puzzle-like components without in-depth programming knowledge. Since the optics and logic of the control are separated, it is possible to easily create visualization projects in multiple display variations and load into other applications.


Open for Everything

The modern HMI tool is constructed like a modular toolkit system and supports multi-touch interactions. It offers specialists every imaginable freedom to use web technologies. Individually designed graphics and controls, animation, videos and audio files can be easily integrated.


For machine concepts with option modules, the parameter sets of the currently available machine modules can be reloaded dynamically. The LASAL VISUDesigner thereby allows dynamic evaluation of equipment variants and creates the condition for machines with plug & produce capability.



The new VISUDesigner is part of the LASAL engineering suite. All automation tasks can be implemented consistently using the object-oriented development platform: Sequential programming (CLASS), visualization (SCREEN and now web-based with VISUDesigner), motion control (MOTION), Safety (SAFETYDesigner) as well as diagnostics, remote maintenance (SERVICE) and data exchange via OPC UA.





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