Sniffing the Mountain Air Made Easy

Mobile altitude generator with automation technology from SIGMATEK

Daniela Deutinger, student at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, is aiming high with her diploma thesis project – a mobile altitude generator. During the implementation, she was actively supported with automation technology and know-how from SIGMATEK as well as the project initiator and former cycling professional Gerrit Glomser.


To increase performance, athletes rely on what is known as altitude training. Compared to conventional training, altitude training in oxygen-reduced air can achieve a higher training effect with the same effort. In order to save time and cost-intensive altitude training, an altitude generator is used. These oxygen concentrators can also be used in the medical field, e.g. for rehabilitation or treatment of chronic lung damage.


The "mobile altitude generator" project at the Mechatronics, Information Technology & System Management department was implemented in cooperation with the automation expert SIGMATEK. The idea for this project came from former professional athlete Gerrit Glomser, who offers equipment for altitude training with his company GAIRRIT. In the first step, a prototype was jointly developed that illustrates the processes required to simulate the altitude air. The mobile altitude generator filters – adapted to the selected altitude – oxygen components from the ambient air and leads this new gas mixture into a closed room (breathing mask or tent). In this way, altitude air can be simulated.


The altitude generator is operated with powerful hardware from SIGMATEK. The compact S-DIAS system controls the generator and processes information from various sensors such as pressure, temperature, flow rate and oxygen content. The CPU module CP 102 as well as analog and digital I/O modules are used. All relevant data are clearly displayed on the multi-touch-capable 12.1-inch ETT 1233 operating panel. The altitude generator can be easily programmed with the object-oriented all-in-one software LASAL.




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