Visualize the Machine Status with an LED Module: The PL 221

With the Pixel-LED module PL 221, color and brightness are added to the production process and optically enhances the machine.


Two colorful and two dimmable white light-emitting diode strips can be controlled individually. This enables visual representation of processes and machine statuses, as well as precisely regulatable lighting.


Both RGB light bands, each with a maximum of 512 pixel-LEDs, open numerous colorful light effects. For example, to visualize the material flow or read error messages quickly. Power is provided by a +5 V supply. The data width of the LEDs can be configured directly from the PLC via the application software in 4 stages up to 24 bits (8 bits red/green/blue).


The white dimmable LED strip can also be space-savingly placed in tight locations, such as in the interior of machines. Through pulse width modulation (pulse width 0-100%, change in 1% increments), the brightness control allows precisely tuned illumination with a freely selectable PWM frequency range of 100 Hz to 2 kHz. The operation is powered by a +24 V supply, the maximum total current is 4 A.


All four LED strips are protected against short circuiting and overload and the PL 221 monitors the external +24 V supply for under voltage.




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