Even More Power in Double Pack: The DC 101 and DC 102

With 10 A of continuous current and a 20 A peak current, the thin S-DIAS DIN rail modules DC 101 and DC 102 offer a lot of power in a small space. The 25 mm wide motor outputs are suited for control of synchronous servo motors (BLDC) with a supply of +48 V (+18-55 V) and – without an additional fan module – reach 480 W.


Via the integrated +24 DC output, a hold brake can be controlled. The axis modules also provide a connection for an external brake resistor. With help from the two-channel enable input (+24 V/3.2 mA/0.5 ms), the Safety function STO (Safe Torque Off) can be implemented which meets Cat. 4, PL e in accordance with EN 13849-1/-2.


The two module variations differ by the type of position evaluation. While the DC 101 has a resolver for position detection, the DC 102 works with a incremental encoder input. The motion portfolio of the S-DIAS series includes DC motors and stepper motor outputs, as well as current regulators and stepper modules.


Dimensions: 25 x 104 x 72 mm



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