LASAL: Quickly Implement MQTT and OPC UA

In LASAL, all options for implementing MQTT or OPC UA communication standards are available. Data exchange can be encrypted using SLL.


Add-On OPC UA Enhanced:

This Add-On enables the integration of a SIGMATEK system into OPC UA communication. It provides standard OPC UA server and client functions for configuring a network. Features included are reading and writing values, file transfer, transmission of alarms, recipe transfer and activation, OPC UA user management etc. In addition, the Add-On offers a visualization interface in various resolutions that expands options for diagnostics and configuration.


The MQTT and OPC UA packages provided specific functions, example projects and detailed documentation. Visualization interfaces are not included in the packages.


MQTT Package

The MQTT protocol operates on a Publish & Subscribe basis and is suited for communication between machines or a machine and cloud services. In the “MQTT” package, classes and objects for configuring communication via the MQTT protocol (Message Queue Telemetry Transfer) are provided. Several settings, such as QoS and retained messages, can be made. “Will” can also be set and session management is possible.


OPC UA Packages

The “OPC UA” package is designed for integrating SIGMATEK systems  into OPC UA communication. In addition to standard OPC UA server and client functions, it provides numerous functions. Reading and writing values, file transfer, calling methods, creating subscriptions etc. This package is used as the basis for implementing many protocol norms, such as Euromap 77, Euromap 82 and VDMA Companion Specification Robotics, among others.


For implementing a Euromap 77 server in a SIGMATEK system, the package  “OPC UA-EM77” was designed. It contains all components of the basic OPC UA packages and enables the connection of plastic and rubber processing machines to MES and ERP systems. The transfer of production and recipe data, as well as alarms is possible. 


The Euromap 82.1 standard describes a uniform interface between injection molding or rubber processing machines and temperature devices. With the “OPC UA-EM 82.1” package, temperature devices can be quickly connected. Here, the SIGMATEK system acts as an OPC UA client. Status information can be read, set points defined and alarms sent.


The combination of the corresponding OPC UA package with the Add-On is a very comfortable and extensive solution for implementing the communication standard.




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