Measure Acceleration and Rotation Rate with High Precision: The BC 031

New in the S-DIAS portfolio, is the highly precise BC 031 gyroscope sensor module. The module´s integrated sensor provides rotation rates and linear acceleration information in 3 individual axes, whereby the position and inclination of the module can be exactly determined at any time.


The compact solution is based on a MEMS sensor and ensures precise rotation rate measurement. The resolution for the acceleration is 0.061 mg/LSB. For the rotation speed, it is 4.375 mdps/LSB. Even in harsh environments – with strong impacts and vibration – the robust module delivers reliable measurement results. For filtering raw data, the high-resolution sensor module has a microcontroller. In addition, an Ethernet and RS485 interface for reading e.g. laser sensors of the company Sick are integrated.


The BC 031 is used in applications where precise measurement of acceleration or rotational movement is required. The sensor module is therefore especially suited for automated guided vehicles (AGV), logistics, lifting platforms, industrial robots and many other areas of application.


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