Precisely in Motion – with the DC Motor Module SR 011

The motion series has been expanded with the S-DIAS module SR 011 for control and regulation of economic DC brush motors. This compact motor module has an integrated brake chopper, a switchable incremental encoder, two enable inputs and a digital output. Various operating modes are supported and regulation via feedback is also possible. Application areas for the SR 011 are simple positioning tasks, like adjustment and infeed drives.


The DC motor module is designed for brush-operated direct current motors with a phase current of up to 5 A and 15 A peak current, 15-55 V supply voltage and a PWM or current regulator frequency of 32 kHz. Available operating modes are PWM-controlled, current and speed regulation via IxR compensation, as well as speed and position control using incremental encoder.


Position feedback is provided via the incremental encoder input with a 16-bit counter resolution and switchable RS422 and TTL signals. An integrated brake chopper offers the possibility to connect an external brake resistor.


In accordance with EN 61000-6-2, the “Safe Torque Off” safety function is implemented via the two enable inputs (+24 V/3.2 mA/0.5 ms). The short-circuit protected digital output (+24 V/0.5 A), can be used for brake control or other switch requirements in the application.


Dimensions SR 011: 12,5 x 104 x 72 mm (W x H x D)




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