Remote Access - secure and browser based

Secure remote maintenance options increase the availability of machines or systems and are an important factor in digitization. With the web-based “Remote Access Platform” (RAP) a variety of remote access options are available. Machine data can be comfortably collected and evaluated here.


Technicians can easily set up a secure VPN connection with the desired machine through a central interface. So the machine or system visualization can be operated through VNC. The user is able to perform software updates, debugging and maintenance as if he were directly on-site.


The VPN data communication to the RAP takes place via "Remote Access Router" (RAR), alternatively a software-based implementation in the machine control as "Embedded Remote Access" is possible.


The compact Remote Access Router (RAR) for the DIN rail ensures that the highest IT security standards can bet met. Different RAR variants are available: Ethernet only, SIM 3G / 4G as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 4G LTE.


For deep insights into the machine, alarm setup and data reporting, the browser-based cloud platform features “Cloud Logging” and “Cloud Notify”.



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