ModularWide Panels go the Distance with HMI-Link

The ModularWide panel series from SIGMATEK now also provides remote solutions up to 100 m with an HMI-Link unit.


The modular TAE panels are available with a mounted HMI-Link G2 unit (PIM 021) in five sizes – from 10.1 to 21.5 inches. The operating panels with fast-reaction multi-touch screens have IP65 front protection. Whether used in portrait or landscape format, the widescreen HMIs provide a lot of space for modern visualizations. In addition to the HMI-Link G2 interface, two USB 2.0 connections are on board.


In combination with the HMI-Link device PC 301-E12, the TAE ModularWide Panels go the distance with any PC. To connect with the PC, only the standard interfaces DisplayPort and USB 2.0 are needed.


The HMI-Link technology is completely hardware based and independent of the operating system used. With a standard CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable, video signals (full HD) and USB 2.0 data can be transmitted between the remote operating unit and the PC or HMI-Link device without loss.



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