Motion in Pocket Format: High performance in the Tightest Space

Highly compact construction and loads of functionality in one system – that is made possible by the flexible control system S-DIAS for the DIN rail. It combines fast signal processing, comfortable handling as well as high vibration resistance. With the series' versatile motor output stages, dynamic motion sequences can be precisely implemented into reality.


For fast and precise position tasks, the modules from the DC series for synchronous servo motors (BLDC) are the right choice. These servo amplifiers in pocket format are equipped with a standard resolver or incremental encoder input, a +24 V DC output for optional control of a holding brake, as well as a two-channel enable input with which the function Safe Torque Off (SIL 3, Cat. 4, PL e) can also be implemented.


With 10 A continuous or 20 A peak current at 48 V, the new double-module variations DC 101 and DC 102 achieve up to 480 W – and that within a width of only 25 mm without an additional fan module. The single-disc modules DC 061 and DC 062 are the right choice for applications with up to 6 A continuous and 12 A peak current at 48 V DC.


Simple positioning tasks can be implemented with the SR 011 and SR 012 modules for control and regulation of economic DC brush motors up to 5 A phase current and 10 or 15 A peak current. While the SR 011 is equipped with an integrated brake chopper and switchable incremental encoder, the SR 012 has four digital inputs that can be used as limit switches. Different operating modes are available. The integrated short-circuit proof digital output can be used for brake control or other application-related switching processes in the application. The STO Safety function, according to EN 61800-5-2, is implemented using both enable inputs.


The right module is also available for stepper motors. For control of 2-phase stepper motors, the ST 151 is provided. Here, full, half and micro-step (64) are available to choose from. For position control, an incremental encoder interface is used. The two digital inputs can be used as end switches, position latch or for reference profiles. Through the use of the two enable inputs, STO can be implemented according to SIL 3, PL e.


The drive library of the engineering tool LASAL provides a large selection of ready-made motion components. Creating applications is thereby simplified and accelerated.



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