Safe Relay Module for the DIN Rail: The SRO 022

The modular S-DIAS Safety system is being expanded with the relay output module SRO 022, with which high voltages up to 230 V/ 6 A can now also be controlled with Safety-orientation.


The Safety relay module for the DIN rail has two safe, 2-channel outputs within a 25 mm width and meets the highest safety requirements (SIL 3, PL e). Both outputs are used for the Safety-oriented closing (NO) of an electric circuit with a permissible rated voltage of 24 V DC / 230 V AC and a maximum continuous current of 6 A.


The SRO 022 is used for example, for switching higher power loads or potential-isolated circuits – such as hydraulic valves or the relaying of emergency stop circuits. Combined with the S-DIAS Safety CPU, which manages communication with the Safety modules, very quick response times are achieved.


Thanks to the extensive library in the LASAL SAFETYDesigner, related Safety applications can be comfortably configured. The Safety function blocks are based on the PLCopen standard and can be easily placed via Drag & Drop.


Dimensions: 25 x 104 x 72 mm (W x H x D)



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