Sweating is Pre-programmed

Sauna Control powered by SIGMATEK

Perfect for the cold season: As part of their diploma thesis, four students from the HTL Salzburg optimized a sauna control. The young technicians were supported in their project with modern automation technology and know-how from SIGMATEK.


The optimization of hardware and software of an already existing sauna control system was the goal of the project of the four electrical engineers Julian Steiner, Florian Buchwinkler, Lorenz Hlawna and Alexander Niederreiter. With the sauna control system, which was modified by the HTL students, temperature and humidity can be measured and controlled. To measure the temperature, the sauna is divided into three temperature zones, each of which contains a PT1000 temperature sensor. Using a timer function the sauna can be pre-programmed and then switches on or off automatically. A pixel LED strip, where color and brightness can be adjusted, provides a comfortable atmosphere in the sauna cabin. A particularly practical feature is the remote control of the sauna via smartphone app. This allows the sauna to be conveniently preheated while on the move.


The sauna control system is operated with modern automation technology from SIGMATEK. All important settings for temperature, humidity, and light can be made via a multi-touch color display. With the LASAL software, programming the sauna control unit is very easy. In addition, the SIGMATEK experts supported the HTL team in the realization of the project.


"For many years, we have been working successfully with the HTL Salzburg to support a practical education for students. As an automation manufacturer with headquarters in Salzburg, it is not an obligation but rather a mission and a great pleasure for us to support the next generation of technicians", explains Marianne Kusejko, CFO and Personnel Manager at SIGMATEK.


Technical details: The powerful S-DIAS system from SIGMATEK is used as hardware: a compact CPU module as well as analog and digital I/Os. The sauna can be operated via the ETT 732 multi-touch operating panel. The PL 221 pixel LED module provides atmospheric lighting, and the object-oriented, all-in-one engineering tool LASAL enables fast programming. With the SIGMATEK Remote Access App, the sauna can be remotely controlled via smartphone.



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