Practical Tools for Your Machines and Systems

With special “helpers”, you can also retrofit your machines and systems with practical functions or tools.


Data Retention made Easy

Do you have a machine system control with a floppy drive and are no longer happy with it? With the CFF 011 diskette emulator, SIGMATEK offers an operating system-independent exchange device that simplifies data storage enormously. The compact flash floppy drive can store data from up to 99 floppy diskettes on one compact flash card. The robust CFF drive is designed especially for industrial applications.


Identification for every Machine

On the path to smart production, RFID identification is an important tool. Only when products, operating equipment or personnel can be clearly identified and assigned, the factory of tomorrow can become reality. The universally applicable RFID 131 read & write device was designed based on the 13.56 MHz high-frequency band, which supports the ISO standard 15693 as well as 14443-A and -B. Installation using a clip mount and easy system integration are especially comfortable. The integrated CAN interface enables reliable communication, even over longer distances. Multiple RFID 131 readers can be connected directly to the primary control via free addressing.


Increased HMI Operating Comfort

Touch pens ensure precision when operating panels while protecting the display. Thanks to the holder, the touch pens can be comfortably mounted on the panel. An elastic connector cord between the pen and the holder ensures the pen is always in reach. Select between pens for resistive or capacitive touch screens.



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