Save Time and Money with Remote Access

Browser-based cloud platform with VPN connection

Simply sending a technician to a customer somewhere in the world for service work; that was yesterday. Current travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic make service calls directly at the customer site difficult to impossible. Remote diagnosis, maintenance and commissioning are the magic words of today. You can keep customer machines running and reduce standstill times to a minimum.

Important aspects thereby are the safe, uninterrupted transfer of sensitive data and the acceptance at the customer, as well as simple integration and operability of the remote access options.


Our web-based Remote-Access Solution combines:

  • Access to the machine control over VPN (incl. SSL encryption)
  • The highest IT security
  • Detailed insight into your machined data
  • Intuitive operation and access, via tablet as well as smartphone (app)
  • Reliable data recording/storage in the cloud – optionally available


The connection to the cloud-based Remote Access Platform “RAP” can be made with routers “RAR” with an integrated firewall or more economically, directly to SIGMATEK CPUs as an operating system expansion “RAE 100”.

Your Benefits:

You can access the web-based platform from all standard browsers and create a secure connection to the customer machine over an RA router or software-based via RAE. Since data is made from the machine to the RAP and the user over a VPN connection with SSL encryption, opening the company network is unnecessary. Whether for the initial start-up, remote maintenance, debugging, user training or updates, the machine or system visualization can be operated through VNC – as if you were directly onsite.

We distinguish between remote access and data logging in the cloud. If a RA router

or the RAE 100 software solution is purchased from SIGMATEK, the RAP for remote access over VPN and VNC or web server is included for life. The cloud data storage space is optionally available via subscription and differ according to the number of data points to store per hour. The control data can be loaded to the cloud via OPC UA or Modbus TCP and stored there for 7 years and downloaded. For comfortable access and predictive maintenance via smartphone or tablet, the SIGMATKE Connect App can be downloaded free of charge. This gives you access to all data from anywhere in the world.

With the Cloud platform, you can manage all your machines and data at a central location. The functions Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify support modern maintenance concepts. You decide which variables are recorded in which interval and whether you want to store them in the cloud. Via Drag & Drop, configure individual dashboards for different user types. For example, service technicians, customer technicians or managers. This allows you to selectively display data, create reports and with Live Monitoring, provide direct views into the machine. “Cloud Notify” immediately notifies you of irregularities via E-Mail. you can define alarms, triggers, priorities and recipients. Predictive maintenance is therefore also easy to implement.

As a machine manufacturer, when you purchase one of our Plug&Play routers, you get «life-long» valid access to our Remote Access Platform for any number of users from your company – that sets us apart! We don’t have a licensing model with annual costs for using the RAP and there are no additional costs for continued use. The router, with an integrated firewall, is available with internet only,  4G as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 4G Global for worlwide application.

With the software-based embedded remote access solution RAE 100, you can equip any machine with a SIGMATEK control for the use of remote maintenance services at delivery. The customer can flexibly decide whether and from which point in time to use the RAP. You simply send an enable code for activation, without generating different software states in the machine that require updating. 

As a machine manufacturer, our Remote Access solution provides you with interesting new options for support and predictive maintenance services, such as continuous maintenance, regular updates or data storage in the cloud. The integrated User Role Management allows different rights to be assigned to different users. The option is also available to define customers as the administrator of their RAP, so that they control the remote access and can unlock it for servicing. This gives them a feeling of security, as well as autonomy and brings their internal IT department on board.



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