HMI: Versatility in Practical 7-inch Format


Operating panels in a compact 7-inch format are versatile – whether for cost-sensitive industrial applications and smaller machines as a central HMI or as an additional operating device in machine- or system units. The widescreen, with 154 mm x 85 mm, provides enough active surface for clear visualization displays.


SIGMATEK offers a variety of thin, fanless 7-HMIs, which allow operation in a modern design and with OPC UA, they are ready for IIOT. Depending on the requirement, you can choose between resistive single- or projective capacitive multi-touch screens, various processors, resolutions and IP protection types. The ETT panels are equipped with numerous interfaces, such as Ethernet, CAN, and USB. Several modules have RS232/Modbus or TTY.


The 7-inch wide-screen panel’s standard design is for control cabinet installation. For swing-arm mounting, the ETT 7321 with a VESA75 mount is available. With a stainless steel front in IP 65 protection, the ETT 736 is the right choice for applications with strict hygienic requirements.


The 7-inch HMI portfolio also includes a web panel, the ETT 764. The four cores of the powerful EDGE3 technology processor (4x 1.6 GHz) are exactly tuned to one another for fluid visualization. A performance-optimized HTML5 browser provides an optimal operator experience (UX).


Modern visualization solutions can be easily created in LASAL SCREEN  or in the web-based VISUDesigner without programming experience. Engineering is reduced via the use of pre-defined operating elements and controls. User- and recipe management for example, can be integrated into the visualization with just a few clicks.




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