New Controls in the web-based LASAL VISUDesigner

Data Logger and graphical Interpreter

In SIGMATEK's HTML5-based visualization tool, the LASAL VISUDesigner, two new controls are available to make life easier for the user: the Data Logger for process analysis and the Interpreter for graphically configuring individual motion sequences.


Process analysis directly on screen – the data logger in the HTML5-based LASAL VISUDesigner makes it possible. The new control is ready-to-use and can easily be added in the existing web-based HMI application. The characteristics of essential process variables such as temperature, pressure, current and torque curves can be displayed individually. With the Data Logger, the machine operator has an efficient tool for effectively analyzing and optimizing machine operations and processes.


With the HTML5-based graphical interpreter, highly dynamic process motion sequences can be created graphically – whether for machines, systems or robots. The LASAL library, contains a large selection of ready-to-use motion components and commands. The user can graphically assemble their individual motion sequence easily per Drag & Drop. A possible change or expansion of the motion sequence can be made without programming. Multi-axis concepts – whether simple or complex – can be very flexibly managed and the initial start-up of machines, systems and robots is reduced enormously using the graphical interpreter.


With current web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the LASAL VISUDesigner enables the simple creation of hardware-independent, operator-friendly visualization solutions which are optimally displayed on various HMI devices. The VISUDesigner is a component of the engineering suite LASAL. Automation task can be consistently implemented on the object-oriented design platform: Control and process programming, visualization, motion control, safety, as well as diagnostics, remote maintenance and data exchange via OPC UA (client and server).



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