Integrate actuators and sensors easily with the IIO 041

The compact IIO 041 from SIGMATEK's S-DIAS series has four SDCI master ports and four digital inputs (+24 V DC/3.7 mA/0.5 ms). With SDCI Single-Drop Digital Communication Interfaces (IO-Link), a manufacturer-independent point-to-point connection can be realized for connecting intelligent actuators and sensors in accordance with IEC 61131-9.


The IIO 041 module is therefore ideal for all automation applications with many intelligent actuators and sensors, such as in robotics, as SDCI devices can be easily integrated into the system. This is becoming increasingly important due to the growing complexity and flexibilization in manufacturing and production as well as the high demands on quality standards.


SDCI devices can be configured quickly and easily using a configuration tool integrated into the LASAL software environment. This allows an SDCI configuration file (IODD) to be loaded for each SDCI unit during project planning and parameterization to be carried out. The device can therefore be easily integrated into the overall system, which significantly minimizes cabling work and reduces costs. In addition, the commissioning of a machine or system is shortened and productivity is increased.


Technical Data:

Dimensions: 12.5 x 104 x 72 mm

4 SDCI-Ports (+24 V DC)

4 digital inputs (+24 V DC)

IP20 protection type

UL verified



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