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Spürnasenecke: Already Exploring the Wonder of Nature and Technology in Kindergarten

###IMAGE_LEFT_1### Natural Science in kindergarten? For several years, the "Spürnasenecke" project has been proving the there is no such thing as impossible: Through child-oriented experiments in a specially equipped laboratory, the natural curiosity of future researches should be encouraged. In the Kindergarten in Lamprechtshausen, the wonder of nature and technology can be playfully explored - thanks to the financial support from W&H Dentalwerk, Sigmatek GmbH & Co KG and the municipality. With the 74 experiments collected in the handbook, there is a lot to hear, see and touch. Topics include for example, magnetism and electrostatics.

Mag. Marianne Kusejko, CFO and Personnel Manager at SIGMATEK GmbH & Co KG is happy "that through playful introduction, the enthusiasm for natural science and technology is already awaken in preschool age."

For Dipl. -Ing. Peter Malata, CEO of W&H Dentalwerk in Bürmoos, the investment in the "Spurnasenecke" is also an investment in the future. After all, for an innovative company, employees who haven't lost their child-like curiosity are needed".

"The Spurnasenecke is an important component in kindergarten pedagogy. I'm thankful to all the sponsors for their farsighted commitment to our children in Lamprechtshausen", Mayor Ing Johann Grießer.


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