AI 0812: Analog Module for Temperature & Resistance Measuring

8 PT1000/KTY inputs on one card

The AI 0812 expands the innovative S-DIAS series with an analog input module for heating and cooling technology. Within a width of only 12.5 mm, measurement values from eight resistance temperature sensors (PT1000/KTY) precisely detected.


In addition to the PT1000 sensor, the AI 0812 also evaluates the signals of all common KTY sensors: KTY10-62, KTY11-62, KTY81-110, KTY81-120, KTY81-150, KTY81-121, KTY81-122. With the help of these sensor types, temperatures between -50° C and +850° C are measured.

The S-DIAS module also enables the recording of electrical resistances in the range of 397,2 Ω to 4575,3 Ω.

With a resolution of 16 bits, the new input card provides reliable measurement values. Resistance and temperature sensors are connected with proven 2-wire technology.


The analog module can be comfortable wired without tools, preassembled in blocks with other S-DIAS modules and mounted on the DIN rail in the control cabinet. Status LEDs directly on the AI 0812 enable exact channel diagnostics.




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