Six at One Blow: DIAS Drives 1000

Compact servo drives for multi-axis applications

A compact servo drive from the DIAS Drive 1000 series can control up to 6 motors. In addition to the housing, the drive regulators also share the controller, intermediate circuit and heat sink. Not only can the construction volume be reduced and the stability increased, the equipment costs are also lowered.


The 6-axis device measures only 21 cm in width, 59 cm in height and has an installation depth of 22 cm. In the new compact drive series, there are variants with three and four axes, which allow that the number of axes are precisely tailored to the application. Per axis, a maximum rated current of 5 A and 10 A and 10 to 40 A peak current are possible.

External plug-in feedback modules provide flexibility. The machine manufacturer can therefore customize the encoder systems to the respective application. Currently, Resolver, EnDat 2.1 and Hiperface DSL modules are available.

For the SDD 1000 series, the motor control algorithm was further developed. Whereby, precision and dynamics could be further increased. Controller cycle times of only 62.5 µs provide highly exact positioning at a higher speed. The internal intermediate circuit system ensures efficient energy use and distribution.

The DIAS Drives 1000 are designed for multi-axis applications and contain axis-related safety functions such as »Safe Brake Control« (SBC), »Safe Torque off« (STO), »Safe Stop 1« (SS1) and Safe Out (SO), which simplify the integration of the drive technology into the Safety concept (SIL 3 or SIL CL 3 according to EN 62061 and according to PL e, Cat. 4 in compliance with EN ISO 13849-1).


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