DIAS I/O Module DIO 014

A real multitalent

The new I/O module from the DIAS series, the DIO 014, is a multitalent. It has eight digital short circuit-protected outputs as well as eight digital inputs for detecting signal statuses.

Two of these inputs can be used as counters - with an input frequency of 25 kHz. In addition to two analog inputs, designed for PTC 500 sensors with a measurement range from 0 to 500 kOhms, an analog output is provided for a current output from 0 to 20 mA. The DIO 014 therewith combines the functions of three different modules.

Through the division of the outputs into groups, which are powered individually, machine components can be shut down separately. The supply for each channel group is also monitored for over voltage.

The digital outputs, with a rated load of 2 A, are also designed to de-energize large inductive loads. Even in harsh environmental conditions, the DIO 014 I/O multimodule is fully operational.


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