Digital Mix Module with Optic Couplers: DM 167

Shutting off the root supply via Safety installations

The digital mix module DM 167 combines 8 digital outputs (+24 V DC/1.7 A) and 8 digital inputs (5 ms) compactly on only 12.5 x 104 x 74 mm. Primary and secondary sides are separated by optic couplers. Through this galvanic decoupling, switching off the root supply to the outputs using only one Safety component is allowed. This is an economic feature, since simple applications often have only one Safety relay. In combination with a Safety relay, the DM 167 enables actuators to be integrated into the Safety concept with minimal costs by shutting down the root supply.


Divided into 2 groups, the power supply for each channel group of the outputs is monitored for under voltage. The primary and secondary sides of each channel group are, as also with the digital inputs, galvanically separated via optic couplers.


With S-DIAS, Status LEDs directly on the module enable exact channel diagnostics. The affected channel can be quickly and clearly located, thereby simplifying service work. For the fast and simple creation of schematics, EPLAN macros are available.




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