DM 811: Absolute Pressure Measurement in the Smallest Space

S-DIAS series expanded

The DM 811 of the S-DIAS series can precisely capture absolute pressure. An absolute pressure sensor with a measurement range of 0-1600 mbar is provided, which can be used for example, for measuring in a pressure chamber or on an air pressure connection.


The input module is also equipped with a PT100 temperature input (0-300° C). A more precise measurement result is thereby guaranteed, since the ambient temperature is also included. In addition to the absolute pressure sensor and temperature input, eight digital inputs (0.5 ms) are integrated within a module size of only 25 x 104 x 74 mm – economic efficiency is therewith guaranteed. With the integrated absolute pressure sensor, the need for an additional external pressure transmitter is eliminated. The I/O card converts the pneumatic signal directly into a digital level. This reduces the control cabinet space and costs.


The DM 811 is used everywhere in which measurement and control of absolute pressure is essential: for example, in the packaging industry, refrigeration technology or in compressors.




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