Dual-Touch Panels Increase Operating Comfort

Easy to use, clear and safe operation

New in the broad selection of HMIs from SIGMATEK are two panels with a capacitive dual-touch screen. The ETV 0853 control panel in 8.4” format and the 15” TAE 153 operating terminal are equipped with the most modern technology and also satisfy important factors such as reliable function and long-term availability.

With the new dual-touch operating concept, usability and safety are increased. Enabling functions can, for example, be implemented completely on the touch screen without additional hardware buttons. The user has a secure feeling of control, since operating errors can be minimized through the use of 2-finger gestures. The operating surface can be configured more flexibly, clearly and intuitively. In addition, the ergonomics are improved by familiar gestures used with smart phones such as dragging objects or spreading two fingers for zooming.

The fanless ETV 0583 Control Panel has an 8.4” color display (800 x 600 pixels) and is equipped with a powerful EDGE technology processor as well as 8 digital in- and outputs. Several interfaces such as Ethernet, real-time Ethernet VARAN, USB, USB Mini and CAN are already integrated. The capacitive dual-touch screen and black anodized aluminum front (IP 65) give the ETV 0853 an elegant look.

The TAE 153 operating terminal has a color display diagonal of 15” with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. 4 USB, a CAN and an S-DVI are available as interfaces. The touch terminal has a plastic housing and an IP54-protected front.


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