Programming in SFC now also Possible

Engineering Tool LASAL

The integrated design platform LASAL from SIGMATEK now supports SFC programming. Sequential function chart (SFC) or step sequence programming, is one of the five IEC 61131-3 standardized programming languages. The graphic sequential function chart is especially suited for machine and process sequences, which are cyclically repeated.


An SFC diagram consists of  connected step symbols to which "actions" (commands) are attached. The step sequence is triggered by so-called "transitions" (switching conditions linked to input signals). They determine whether and when the next step is processed.

SFC is mainly suited for complex process-oriented applications, since through graphic representation, the process is clearly displayed and less code has to be viewed as with other languages. Troubleshooting is thereby faster and easier.

The modularly constructed, object oriented engineering tool from SIGMATEK works with client/server technology and graphic representation. When programming applications, LASAL users can now choose between sequential function chart, structured text, ladder logic, instruction list (all in accordance with IEC 61131-3) and the high-level language C.


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