HTL Seniors Design Racing Go-cart with an Electric Motor

SIGMATEK Supports HTL Diploma Thesis on E-mobility

Four Seniors of the HTL Salzburg, for their diploma thesis, designed an electric racing cart.During implementation, the aspiring engineers Klemens Armstorfer, David Fingerlos, Lukas Furtner and Markus Sinzinger were actively supported with automation technology and know-how from SIGMATEK. 


The project team's fully functional E-racing cart accelerates from 0 to 80 km/h in 3.6 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 126 km/h, which makes it easily competitive with actual racing carts. The E-cart is controlled with highly modern technology from the automation specialists SIGMATEK. The focus of the four electrical technology students of the 5th AHET was integrating efficiency, economy and environmental sustainability of E-mobility with the fun of driving and racing suitability.


To combine all the factors, the most modern automation technology is required. SIGMATEK provided the team with the extraordinarily compact S-DIAS control system, including Safety, which scores with vibration stability. All vehicle components can be controlled with this highly modern system. With the 3.5" color touch display from SIGMATEK integrated into the steering wheel, the driver always has all relevant vehicle data in sight:  Speed, driving mode and status display. The programming of the E-racing cart with a traction control system, intelligent temperature monitoring and battery status display is performed with software from SIGMATEK. The seniors agree that the compactness of the control system and the automation know-how of SIGMATEK contributed to the success of their project.


"For us, it was a pleasure to see with how much enthusiasm the young technicians worked. Around half of our employee team are engineers. For this reason, the cooperation with the HTL Salzburg and the support of school projects, as well as diploma theses. Practice-based training is the best basis for a successful start in professional life", explains Marianne Kusejko, CFO and Personnel Manager at SIGMATEK.

Technical details: The High-performance S-DIAS system from SIGMATEK functions as the main control. The CPU module CP112 was used, as well as several digital and analog I/O modules and a SCP 111 Safety controller including Safety I/Os. The ETT 352 operating panel fit perfectly into the steering wheel and visualizes all driving data on the 3.5-inch color display. Using the object-oriented, all-in-one software LASAL, the E-race cart project could be comfortable designed and programmed. 


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