LASAL Motor Calculation

Efficient drive engineering

With an optimized drive concept, the machine and especially the energy efficiency of any machine can be increased. Important thereby, is the need-based dimensioning and the professional layout of drives, motors and gears. The all-in-one engineering tool LASAL from SIGMATEK supports the user with the comfortable “LASAL Motor Calculation” software.

Based on user-definable speed profiles (speed, acceleration, distance or motion time) and mechanical data (weight, diameter, mass, ratios), the optimal drive can be easily specified for the respective application.

The seamless integration of the drive train into the control platform ensures fast and consistent software design. With the LASAL MOTION tool, complex axis control and regulation tasks can be performed with high precision, dynamics and little effort. In the library provided, a large selection of standard Motion Control functions is available. Examples of these are modules for positioning or path and CNC control, as well as cam discs, electronic cam switches or rotary knives.


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