Multi-touch Panel for the Swing Arm Mount

Flexible, Modern, Intuitive: The TT 1533 Operating Panel

The multi-touch panel series from SIGMATEK is expanded with a swing arm version. The TT 1533 is a modern, high-performance HMI for operating and monitoring in the industrial environment. With the swing arm mount, operators can orient the IP54-protected panel so that they always have their application in view.


In addition to flexibility with mounting, the TT 1533 scores with intuitive operability via the projected-capacitive touch technology (PCT). Multi-finger gestures such as zooming, swiping and paging provide high operating comfort and also avoid input errors through simultaneous pressing of two operating fields.


The multi-touch operating panel has a dual-core EDGE2 Technology processor on board, which enables demanding visualization and operating concepts and also supports a modular, decentralized control architecture with internal HMI intelligence. For easy system integration, standard interfaces are available: 2x Ethernet, 1x CAN, 2x USB front and 2x USB rear. The modern HMI is equipped with a 15-inch TFT LCD color display (1024 x 768 pixels) with LED backlight and is delivered with 512 MB of internal program and data memory (DDR3 RAM) and 512-MB MicroSD storage.


The design of the TT 1533 is elegant and at the same time, functional: An aluminum rim provides protection and makes the integrated glass display more robust for use outside of the control cabinet. With the VESA 75 connection mechanism, the operating panel can be easily mounted on a swing arm system or stand and thereby flexibly integrated into the machine or system topology.

Dimensions: 358 x 342 x 48 mm (W x H x D)




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