VARAN Analyzer ETVA 0501

Network analysis directly on the machine

The VARAN Analyzer ETVA 0501 is an analysis device for real-time VARAN networks. With the ETVA 0501, the transmission response of the bus system can be analyzed directly on the machine.

Since the VARAN bus operates hard in real time, the analysis tool must record timed processes with nanosecond precision from the real-time Ethernet network and decode them into VARAN instructions. Data packets must therefore be detected faster than with conventional analysis devices. The ETVA 0501 thus provides the required performance and convinces with great features.


The data is displayed in a clear tabular and graphic form. Numerous trigger and filter functions support the user in industrial environments. This handy and robust device is operated through a 5.7" touch screen. The ETVA 0501 can be connected to the network during the active operation of a machine – and at any location. In linear topologies, the 2 VARAN ports allow a connection of the analysis device that is transparent to the manager. For further analysis, the series of measurement values can be exported over the USB or TCP/IP interface and evaluated in detailed in the PC.


The ETVA 0501 is delivered in a robust plastic case with accessories: an external 24VDC power supply, a VARAN cable (5 m) and the PC software "VARAN Service Tool" on a CD, with which the analysis data can be processed further.


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