Precise Measuring Modules in Compact S-DIAS Format

Four new modules expand the range of measurement technology in the highly compact S-DIAS series from SIGMATEK: a digital input module for measuring frequency, as well as analog in and output modules for voltage and current measurement. The I/O cards are optimally suited for diverse areas of applications in the industry, such as measurement technology, in laboratory and analysis devices, as well as test stands.

The FC 021 is a module for frequency measuring. Each of the two digital RS422, TTL and HTL inputs can be optionally configured as two 32-bit counter inputs or an incremental encoder input. Five counter modes to choose from: the period for slow signals and fast signals (gate time), pulse widths, pulse counters or incremental encoders. Each channel has a direct sensor connection.


Voltage and Current in Sight

The four analog, galvanically separated differential inputs of the AI 046 enable voltage detection in two measurement ranges of ± 11 V or ± 1.1 V. For precise measurement of current, the analog input module AI 047 is provided. The four analog differential inputs (galvanically separated) are designed for measurement ranges from 0-22 mA or 4-22 mA. With an 18-bit converter resolution (conversion time per channel 10 µs) and a scan rate of up to 10 kHz, the analog input modules provide highly precise measurement values. In addition, the integrated current supply allows direct connection of sensors.


With the AO 046 output module, it is possible to select between voltage and current. The AO 046 has four analog outputs. Per channel, signals in the range from -10.8 V to +10.8 V or from 0-21.6 mA with a resolution of 16 bits can be output. All new measuring modules have overload and short-circuit detection.


Modular and Flexibly Applicable
The S-DIAS measurement technology portfolio provides modules for measuring voltage, current, frequency, temperature (PT 100/PT 1000), DMS load cells, IEPE and SSI absolute value encoder. Through the modular construction, the user can configure the measurement values specifically for the application. This ensures double efficiency: in the control cabinet and at the costs.
For the S-DIAS product family, EPLAN macros for simple control cabinet integration are available. With the object-oriented software suite LASAL, designing and programming the control and I/O system is user-friendly.




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