Controls Drive Power Components: The ST 011

New S-DIAS module

The ST 011 is equipped with a frequency output for controlling a stepper or servo motor power component (RS422). The drives can be controlled or regulated. For the regulated mode, an incremental encoder interface with ABR analysis and a +5 V supply is integrated directly onto the card.

Through the high output frequency (500 kHz), stepper motor output stages can also be operated in micro-steps. Additionally, the ST 011 has two digital inputs, which also can be used as a position latch (incremental encoder position). For the control of actuators, the module provides two potential-free digital outputs; one of which is back-readable. The super compact ST 011 is a part of the S-DIAS series of SIGMATEK, which convinces with faster data transfer, vibration stability and comfortable handling. For the simple and fast creation of schematics, a macro is available under EPLAN.


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