Reach Your Engineering Goal Quickly, with LASAL Add-Ons

In modern machine concepts 4.0, hardware modularity, as well as modularity for engineering, is in demand to enable machines to be flexibly modified for adaptive production processes. The object-oriented automation software LASAL supports mechatronic engineering. In the extensive library, modules for various standard functions are provided.

With LASAL Add-Ons, the user can create application software even quicker and easier. The ready-to-use templates are constructed like wizards and available for diverse machine functions. For example, the control of a Delta robot and corresponding visualization can be quickly and easily created only with a few mouse clicks. Further examples include templates for CNC, axis control, Pick&Place, OPC UA, VNC, temperature control, PID controller, user management, diagnostics, data analyzer and recipe management.

The Add-Ons are configured function-specifically and contain all the necessary program and display elements in different resolutions. A brief description and thorough documentation of the respective features are integrated. The templates are designed for multi-CPU solutions and can also be simply added to existing projects.

An additional benefit of object-oriented programming with LASAL is that once software classes have been tested, they can always be reused and comfortably adapted. This can reduce software engineering by up to 70 percent – with increased quality and greater clarity.




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