Servo Amplifier in Pocket Format

The DC 061 from the S-DIAS series

12.5 x 104 x 72 mm: Those are the dimensions of the super compact, fully integrated servo amplifier of the S-DIAS series from SIGMATEK. The DC 061, with a rated power of nearly 300 W, is designed to control a synchronous servo motor up to 6 A of continuous current at 48 V DC.

For a short time, the DC 061 can even reach a peak current of up to 15 Amperes. With this kind of power, highly dynamic positioning tasks can be performed when combined with fast controller technology.

The integrated standard Resolver input (12-bit) enables cost-effective feedback evaluation (position feedback). In addition, a 24 V DC output for controlling a holding brake is available. The integrated energy feedback to the DC-link during braking increases the energy efficiency to a maximum, especially in multi-axis systems.

The DC 061 is equipped with a two-channel enable inputs, which allows the implementation of an STO Safe Torque Off function for applications up to SIL 3 (in accordance with EN 62061) and Cat. 4, PL e (EN 13849-1). The TÜV certification is expected shortly.

Monitoring functions such as short-circuit cutoff, over and under voltage monitoring, as well as temperature and i²t monitoring ensure high operating safety.

 The DC 061 provides full servo axis functionality without technical limitation in the smallest installation space. The development and programming of the application are comfortably performed using the all-in-one engineering tool LASAL (IEC 61131-3 standard) A large selection of predefined motion function components and technology modules are available in the drive library. Examples of this are modules for positioning, contouring control, cams to synchronization of multiple axes in a space or jerk-limited motion profiles.


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