SR 022: Compactly Control DC Motors

With the SR 022, the user has a compact motion control solution for precise control of DC motors. The thin S-DIAS module is used to control DC motors with supply voltages of 12-30 V and a maximum motor current of 3.5 A. With the DC motor card, simple control tasks with low requirements, as well as high-end positioning similar to a servo axis, can be performed quickly and precisely.


The integrated 16-bit incremental encoder input can be optionally run as TTL or RS422 and has an integrated +5 V encoder supply. The SR 022 also provides three digital inputs (1x +5 V and 2x +24 V) with an input delay of typically 0.5 ms. Depending on the application, the inputs can be configured as an end switch or position latch for the incremental encoder. The SR 022 is overload and short-circuit proof and therefore ensures safe operation.

In the drive library of the engineering tool LASAL, a wide selection of predefined motion components is available. Creating applications is thereby simplified and accelerated.



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