Strong CPU Performance for the DIN Rail

S-DIAS CPUs with Dual-Core Processor: CP 311 & CP 312

The control system S-DIAS is expanded with two processor units for demanding automation tasks. The CPU modules CP 311 and CP 312 convince with high-performance dual-core processors based on EDGE 2 Technology (2x 800 MHz).


Both CPUs achieve high efficiency via the integrated zero-voltage proof RAM with a data volume of 256 MB (DDR3 RAM) and the internal microSD card (512 MB). In addition to the real-time clock, buffer battery and CAN, a USB host and USB OTG (On the Go) are also available. One Ethernet and two VARAN interfaces (CP 311) or two Ethernet and one VARAN interface (CP 312) are integrated – and all this on a width of only 37.5 mm.


With the S-DIAS dual-core CPUs, up to 64 I/O modules can be powered and controlled. One processor core handles real-time and cyclic tasks. In the other core, background and additional system tasks as well as the Linux-based operating system runs. The high-performance CPUs are optimally suited for multi-CPU solutions in Industry 4.0 applications such as predictive maintenance. They are designed for process, visualization and motion tasks. Communication runs via the real-time Ethernet system VARAN with a bus speed of 100 Mbit/s. The individual I/O modules can be accessed within 1.12 µs. The voltage supply for the CPU and I/O modules is directly integrated into the modules.


Industrial Mini I/O connectors meet the high demands for robustness and compactness. Using the 2-point contact principle and a stable lock, they provide an exact fitting and vibration proof connection. The CP 311 and CP 312 can be comfortably programmed with the engineering suite LASAL in accordance with 61131-3.




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