Measures the Force Precisely: The AI 022

For evaluating resistance bridges

For precise measurement of force, the AI 022 provides 2 strain gauge full bridges. The analog input module can evaluate resistance bridges such as strain gauges or load cells. To cover the different measuring cell types, the analog card is equipped with 5 different input ranges. These can be set from 0.25 mV/V to 16 mV/V via the software.


With a resolution of 24 bits, the force transducers provide measurement values with a precision of ±0.035 %. Zero point and full-scale deflection are calibratable. The AI 022 also has sensor break, overload and short-circuit detection. For evaluation of the measuring cells, 2 connection variations are possible: 4 and 6-wire technology. The advantage of 6-wire technology is the voltage compensation, whereby a distortion of the signals is avoided by the correction of a possible voltage drop.


For the S-DIAS product family, EPLAN macros for simple control cabinet integration are available. With the object-oriented software suite LASAL, designing and programming the control and I/O system is user-friendly.




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