The CAI 888 Temperature Sensing Module

Pretty hot!

The CAI 888 is an analog input module from the C-DIAS series for sensing temperatures. Conceived for measuring high temperatures in harsh environments, the CAI 888 is designed for three measuring sensor types.

Three different thermal elements can be connected to the module, which are switchable through the software. For a type J with iron/copper-nickel, temperature sensors for measurement ranges from 0 to 33.1 mV at 0 to 600 °C, type K with nickel-chrome/nickel sensors, for 0 to 33.3 mV at 0 to 800 °C and finally type L with iron-copper/nickel sensors for 0 to 33.7 mV at 0 to 600 °C. On the CAI 888 itself is an external compensation measuring point.


In addition to the 8 thermal elements, 8 digital voltage outputs are available. Solid state relays can be connected directly to these outputs for control of the heater. In addition, a possible low voltage in the supply is shown using two LEDs.


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