DIAS-Drive 310

Three axis servo drive in compact cold plate version

The DIAS drive SDD 310 from SIGMATEK is a compact 3-axis servo drive system, which can be operated with 3x 10 A continuous and 3x 20 A peak current and is therefore optimally suited for multi-axis applications in a power range up to 14 kW.

In addition to the standard model (air cooling), the SDD 310 is now also available in the extra-compact Cold Plate version. Through the aluminum plate mounted on the back of the drive, the generated heat loss is dissipated directly into the cooling medium used. The drive can therefore be flexibly and inexpensively integrated into the cooling concept of the machine.

Thanks to the minimal cycle time of the controller, the DIAS drive 310 has excellent servo performance. The functions are intentionally limited to current, rotation and position control with integrated spline interpolation to avoid unnecessary overhead and provide an attractive price/performance ratio.

The DIAS drive 310 has an individually adjustable and scaleable output stage concept for servo motors. High efficiency and reduced power loss are further arguments for using the drives.

Versatile and integrated safety
With the integrated auto scaling function, small motors (< 1 A rated current) can also be regulated. In the internal Data Analyzer of the SDD 310, data can be recorded with a scan rate of up to 62.5 µs and displayed online in the software tool.

Line filters, a brake resistor and various field bus interfaces are also integrated, such as the Ethernet-based VARAN bus, which ensures hard real-time and jitter-free system communication and therewith exact regulation.

With the SDD 310 servo, linear, torque and asynchronous motors can be controlled. All conventional feedback systems (Resolver, Hiperface, EnDat and high-resolution Sin/Cos encoders) can be used. Safety functions (SIL 3, PL e) such as "Safe Torque Off" (STO) and "Safe Stop" (SS1), which are already integrated, simplify the integration of the drive technology into the machine's Safety concept.

Saves energy and space
Implementing servo technology provides decisive advantages in dynamics, precision and energy efficiency.

With multi-axis devices such as the DIAS Drive 310, the energy efficiency can be increased further, since the intermediate circuit is used for multiple axes. Especially with dynamic processes, the intermediate circuit network has a major influence on the energy efficiency.

With a 428 mm height, 152 mm width and thanks to the Cold Plate, a reduced installation depth of only 121 mm, the new version of the SDD 310 cuts an especially slim figure.


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