VARAN Interface

VAC 013

VARAN Interface

  • For communication between DIAS Drive and VARAN control
  • 1x VARAN In (RJ45)
  • 1x VARAN Out (RJ45), linear topology configuration possible
  • 4 fast digital position latch inputs
  • STO "Safe Torque Off" and SS1 "Safe Stop 1" integrated

Performance Data


1x VARAN In (RJ45) 1x VARAN Out (RJ45) 1x DIAS Drive Interface (26pin blade terminal strip) 4 fast digital inputs 2 Safety inputs for the SSI (SAFE Stop 1) and STO (SAFE Torque Off) Safety functions 1 relay output for reporting the status of the Safety function

Supply voltage

+5 V DC from DIAS drive

Current consumption of voltage supply

typically 400 mA

Digital Inputs



Input voltage

typically +24 V DC

Input current

10 mA at +24 V DC

Relay output



Relay Type

Normally open

Switching power

maximum 42 V AC/minimum 100 µA, maximum 0.5 A

Article Number/Certification

Article number



UL (E336350)


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