Industrial PC

C-IPC 171

Industrial PC

  • High-performance AMD Fusion processor
  • OPC UA communication
  • 1 GB RAM (DDR3-RAM)
  • 256 kB internal program memory (SRAM)
  • 1x Ethernet, 1x S-DVI, 1x USB, 2x CAN etc.
  • additional 3x VARAN Out (01-450-171-V)

Performance Data


AMD Fusion

Internal program and data memory

512 MB

Internal remnant data memory

256 kB

Internal storage device

1x CompactFlash Type I or II


1x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit

1x RS232-COM1

1x RS232/RS485/RS422-COM2

1x DIAS intelligent (Weidmüller plug and 14-pin ribbon cable)

1x CAN for PLC 1x CAN for terminal

1x S-DVI interface for terminal (TFT display, USB, CAN keyboard)

1x USV 1x USB V1.1

3x VARAN Manager (01-450-171-V)

Supply voltage

+24 V DC

Mechanical Features


130.5 x 145.4 x 121.2 mm (W x H x D)

Protection type


Article Number/Certification

Article number




UL 508 (E247993)

USV 011 - Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Voltage supply buffering
  • Batt: 2x +12 V DC/1.2 Ah
  • USV-time: 4-692 seconds

VM 052-3 - C-IPC VARAN Manager Expansion Card

  • 2x VARAN Out (Manager)
  • 1x Ethernet 10/100-Mbit

VM 053 - C-IPC VARAN Manager Expansion Card

  • 1x VARAN Out (Manager)
  • 1x Ethernet 10/100-Mbit
  • 1x TTY interface

VMC 052 - C-IPC VARAN Manager Client Expansion Card

  • Enables multi-manager networks
  • 2x VARAN Out (Manager)
  • 1x VARAN In (Client)

C-IPC EW2 - C-IPC Expansion Card 2

  • LPT
  • COM3 (RS232)
  • COM4 (TTY)

C-IPC EW3 - C-IPC Expansion Card 3

  • LPT
  • COM3 (RS232)
  • COM4 (TTY)
  • Ethernet

VA 062 - VARAN Analyzer Expansion Card

  • VARAN communication analysis
  • Display in VARAN Service Tool
  • 1x VARAN In
  • 2x VARAN Out (opt. 1x transparent)

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