VARAN Splitter

SV 142

VARAN Splitter

  • 1x VARAN In (Tyco Mini I/O)
  • 4x VARAN Out (Tyco Mini I/O)
  • +24 V DC supply connectible to VARAN Out ports


For the S-DIAS system, EPLAN Macros are available for simple integration into the control cabinet.

Performance Data


1x VARAN In (Tyco Mini I/O)

4x VARAN Out (Tyco Mini I/O), +24 V DC switchable over VARAN, 500 mA per port of which optionally 1x Ethernet VtE or real-time Ethernet

Supply voltage

+24 V DC (+18-30 V DC)

Current consumption of voltage supply

typically 0.25 A

Mechanical Features


25 x 104 x 72 mm (W x H x D)

Protection type


Article Number/Certification

Article number


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