VARAN Splitter

VSV 046

VARAN Splitter

  • Interface to primary VARAN participants or to the VARAN Manager over VARAN In (RJ45)
  • Voltage supply of downstream VARAN participants +24 V DC via Power over VARAN (PoV)
  • For star, tree and linear topology: up to 4 stings (VARAN Out, RJ45)
  • Optional tunneling of IP packets over VtE VARAN transmits Ethernet (RJ45) or real-time Ethernet (RJ45) possible

Performance Data


1x VARAN In (RJ45)

5x VARAN Out (RJ45), +24 V DC switchable over VARAN, of which optionally 1x Ethernet (Vte) or real-time Ethernet

Internal remnant data memory

4 Mbits

Supply voltage

+24 V DC (+18-30 V DC)

Current consumption of voltage supply

dependent on the connected loads (120 mA module + 5x VARAN Out 500 mA per port)

Mechanical Features


98 x 49.4 x 80 mm (W x H x D)

Protection type


Article Number/Certification

Article number



UL 508 (E247993)

RJ45 to Mini I/O - Drag Chain - VARAN Cable

  • 1x RJ45 to 1x Mini I/O
  • 4-pin
  • Assembled

RJ45 to RJ45 - Flexible - VARAN Cable

  • 2x RJ45 Industrial
  • 4-pin
  • Over molded
  • Preassembled

RJ45 to RJ45 - Drag Chain - VARAN Cable

  • 2x RJ45 Industrial
  • 4-pin
  • Over molded
  • Assembled

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