Bus Connection

Bus Connection

Drive technology in hard real-time

A low update time, as well as high data security are essential aspects of motion control. Using the real-time Ethernet system VARAN, it is possible to update drives with 16 bytes of actual and preset values each in 5 µs using a single write/read command. With the DIAS Drives, VARAN is already on board. For communication between a SIGMATEK control and drives from other manufacturers, VARAN interface cards are available.

Products for Bus Connection

VBI 021 - VARAN-Baumüller Interface

  • b maXX–4000 series to VARAN
  • 1x VARAN In
  • 1x "BACI" bus

VKI 022 - VARAN-KEB-F5 Interface

  • 1x VARAN In
  • 1x VARAN Out
  • 1x RS232 to frequency converter

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