FTS / AMR Automation

Automation of AGV / AMR

Precise Control, Fleet Management, SLAM Navigation

Automated guided transport systems and vehicles (AGS /AGV), as well as autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are increasingly becoming a standard component of modern intralogistics solutions. A flexible, open control architecture is thereby a key factor. AGVs and AMRs can be easily integrated into the material flow and in combined operation with other floor conveyors.


With 35 years of experience in industrial automation, SIGMATEK has expert know-how in automating AGVs and AMRs: reliable control, integrated safety technology and dynamic drive technology. Our compact S-DIAS system is robustly constructed and can be assembled into a customized solution for your AGV or AMR. The data between the individual AGVs and the primary control is exchanged via WLAN.


Managing AGV /AMR Fleets

Are you searching for a software tool to network and coordinate your various AGV and AMR models – even in combination with AGVs from other manufacturers? Then our Traffic Control System offers the full program. The fleet management software coordinates transport tasks, organizes route planning and supports standardized interfaces, such as VDA 5050.


SLAM Navigation in Real Time

AGVs and AMRs monitor adherence to your route continuously. Contour-based laser navigation, which does not require the installation of artificial landmarks, is increasingly used for this purpose. Production and warehouses, as well as shipping and receiving, are areas that frequently change (shelving, pallets). Here, the SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) navigation methods are a good choice. During navigation, the FTS and AMR continuously compare the actual situation scanned with the stored map and dynamically create a new map. SIGMATEK developed an open real-time localization software tool: SlamLoc takes contour-based navigation to a new level. SlamLoc is ready for operation in just a few minutes, does not need preinstalled plans and even with drastic contour changes, determines a position accurate to ±10 mm and ±1° in real time.

Products for Automation of AGV / AMR

S-DIAS - Control, Safety, Motion for AGV & AMR

  • Modular system
  • Compact and robust
  • Vibration resistant
  • WLAN-communication

Traffic Control System - Managing AGV/AMR fleets

  • Efficient route planning
  • Job/fleet simulation
  • Manufacturer-independent & open
  • SLAM Integration

SlamLoc - SLAM-Navigation in real time for AGV & AMR

  • Scanner hardware-independent
  • Navigation in “Frequently Changing Environments” (FCE)
  • Precise positioning, including direction

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