SLAM-Navigation in real time for AGV & AMR


SLAM-Navigation in real time for AGV & AMR

The real-time localization software SlamLoc revolutionizes the way automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) handle changes in their environment using contour-based navigation.

SlamLoc creates the map of the environment as a basis for route planning during the initial teaching cycle. If a “foreign object” is detected during further travel, is taken into account and is used for position determining. The position, i.e. the X/Y coordinates, as well as the direction in which the vehicle is oriented, can be determined much more accurately as would be possible by simply extrapolating using the drive data.


Continuous Adaptation to Reality

SIGMATEK SlamLoc enables precise and dynamic navigation in “FCE” (Frequently Changing Environments), areas that are subject to continuous changes, such as when the view of known contours is obstructed f by pallet stacks. In SlamLoc’s so-called pocketlight mode, temporary, possibly moving objects slowly come into view when approached and disappear just as slowly after passing Normally, they are not added to the static card. By deliberately avoiding the use of familiar contours, SlamLoc allows buffer zones, goods receiving or shipping to be integrated into an AGV/AMR for the first time.


SlamClient for Visualization

SIGMATEK SlamLoc comes as a pure software solution. The optional “SlamClient” enables visualization of the actual vehicle movements and dynamic mapping, as well as its editing.


For more details, see the SlamLoc-video and the industry report.


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