Cloud Logging

RAS 201

Cloud Logging

  • Data recording in the cloud
  • Up to 5,000 data points / hour
  • Integrated into the SIGMATEK Remote Access Platform


Deep insights into your application: “Cloud Logging“ allows you to automatically retrieve machine data from the PLC, securely send it to the cloud and access it via dashboards. Simply configure your tags on the web-based Remote Access Platform and logging starts right away. The data can be stored up to 7 years. Via the live monitor, you receive a live stream of your machine's real-time data. Individual data reports for your machine can be designed using drag and drop widgets.

Article Number/Certification

Article number

02-692-201-1 (5,000 DP/h, License 1 year)

02-692-201-2 (5,000 DP/h, License 2 years)

02-692-201-3 (5,000 DP/h, License 3 years)

02-692-201-5 (5,000 DP/h, License 5 years)


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