Engineering Tool LASAL

Engineering Tool LASAL

All automation tasks with one software

With the Engineering Platform LASAL, you are provided with an integrated and user-friendly tool set for all phases of machine design: project development, control programming (CLASS) visualization (SCREEN and web-based with LASAL VISUDesigner), motion control (MOTION), Safety (SAFETY), simulation, initial start-up, service, diagnostics and remote maintenance (SERVICE) of the machine and system in the field.


LASAL combines object-oriented programming (IEC 61131-3 standard) with graphic representation and makes mechatronic engineering possible: Real machine components can be represented by software objects. With the extensive LASAL Libraries, you can get quickly and easily to your application software.


In the approach of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories, the LASAL Machine Manager has the data flow for distributed intelligences in multi-CPU concepts firmly under control. In addition, the LASAL OPC UA Server enables manufacturer- and platform-independent data exchange directly on the controller.

Your Benefits

The bundling of all automation tasks in one modern object-oriented design environment simplifies project development and programming enormously. The complex can be simply implemented and structured. In addition to minimizing the development times and therewith the costs, simple maintenance resulting in the sustainable value of your software is counted among the convincing arguments for using our all-in-one engineering tool.

Object-oriented programming with graphic representation provides a clear project structure as well as maximum modularity and reusability. Through inheritance, new versions of machine components can be implemented with minimal programming and testing.

Machine applications are simply realized, since the tested function modules (objects) can be combined using the toolkit principle. The quality of the software increases and maintenance is simplified.

Efficient tools and extensive debugging functions simplify and accelerate the development and analysis of programs. Examples of this are:

  • Online debugger that includes all the functions expected from an integrated design environment
  • Real-time Data Analyzer and real-time trend recording
  • Time response analysis of the real-time multitasking operating system (PLC Trace View)
  • Project comparison

Products for Engineering Tool LASAL

LASAL CLASS - Control programming

  • Object-oriented
  • Modular and reusable
  • Predefined components
  • Client-server technology

LASAL SCREEN - Visualization

  • Simple visualization design
  • Standard graphic functions
  • Alarm and event management
  • Unlimited language selection

LASAL VISUDesigner - Web Visualization

  • Web-based visualization
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Hardware independent
  • Predefined controls

LASAL MOTION - Drive technology

  • Tool for drive technology
  • Predefined function blocks
  • Data Analyzer integrated
  • Simple controller optimization

LASAL SAFETYDesigner - Safety technology

  • Certified function blocks
  • Based on PLCopen standard
  • Placeable via Drag & Drop
  • Graphical Editor

LASAL SERVICE - Practical tools

  • Diagnostics and remote maintenance
  • Loading of software updates
  • OPC UA data exchange
  • LARS simulation tool

LASAL Machine Manager - Software management

  • Reduced effort
  • Flexible distribution of tasks
  • Clear data flow management
  • Simple implementation of adaptive production strategies

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