Flexible drive system with high dynamics

For any application: With an optimized and fully integrated drive concept, the efficiency of the machine – and the energy efficiency in particular – can be increased.

SIGMATEK provides you with a coordinated motion control system, in which drives, AC drives, motors, gears, motor output stages and software interact perfectly. They achieve highly dynamic, precise motion sequences – in real time and from one source. At the same time, our modular motion system provides you with complete freedom in designing your drive solution.

Your Benefits

With the SIGMATEK solution, you can flexibly adjust or scale your drive concept to the required number of axes. Our selection of drive amplifiers consist of compact servo drives for 1 to 3 axes (DIAS Drive 300) and 4 to 6 axes (DIAS Drive 1000), a modular multi-axis system (DIAS Drive 100), as well as a highly compact multi-axis system for 1 to 3 servo axes per module (DIAS Drive 2000). SIGMATEK also offers servo amplifiers in the S-DIAS slice format (DC 061-1 and DC 062) and stepper motor end stages (VST 011 and VST 012). The drive technology portfolio is expanded with servo motors and planetary gears . With the object-oriented engineering tool LASAL, the application can be efficiently and modularly designed.

Through the secure data transfer with the real-time Ethernet bus VARAN, extraordinarily short cycle times (62.5 µs) with the position controller loop are possible. Whereby at a high machine speed, the maximum positioning precision is achieved.

The engineering suite LASAL supports concepts in drive train or mechatronic units. Complex tasks for axis control and regulation can also be comfortably solved. PLC, motion control and robotics are seamlessly combined on one platform. In addition to the performance, the availability of your machine or system also increases. In the LASAL MOTION library, there is a large selection of predefined motion control function components for various drive tasks.


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