Real-Time Ethernet VARAN

Real-time Ethernet VARAN

For hard real-time tasks and secure data transfer

When selecting the right bus system for machine automation, reliability plays a central role in addition to the speed.

SIGMATEK relies on the hard real-time capable Ethernet bus system VARAN, which meets all the demands of a modern industrial network. VARAN is based on standard Ethernet physics and the protocol is implemented in the hardware. Using the manager-client principle, collisions on the bus are avoided. 


Our extensive product portfolio includes, in addition to VARAN managers (HMIs, IPCs, CPU modules, expansion cards) and VARAN clients (motion, I/O, interface and splitter modules), design kits for implementation and analysis.

Your Benefits

High transmission rates – cycle times < 100 µs and minimal synchronicity jitter < 100 ns.

Instead of standard Ethernet frames, smaller data packets are used with the VARAN bus, guaranteeing the highest possible resistance to disruptions. Unconfirmed data packets are repeated within the cycle until a valid confirmation is returned. All process data are therefore consistent at the end of the bus cycle.

Modular machine structures with line, star and tree topology.

The VARAN bus is an open standard and manufacturer-independent. The rights for the technology are held by an independent organization; the VARAN Bus User Organization (VNO). Existing communication protocols such as CANopen, can be simple integrated into VARAN.

Thanks to its simple function, VARAN can be implemented in the shortest time – also in small sensors and actuators.


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